October 24, 2020
NAT Type 2 - Fixed Best Solution [Updated]

NAT Type 2 – Fixed Best Solution [Updated]

When you use NAT Type 2 the PS4 console will connect to the internet through the router. NAT Type 2 is also very important on the PS4 console. There are so many new PS4 users who never listen about the NAT Type. The PlayStation developed the PS4 console and this is very popular because of its amazing features.

On the other games, the NAT type doesn’t matter. But on the PS4 NAT is very important to use the console easily and perfectly. If you don’t know about NAT before this article will help you very much.

What is NAT Type 2?

The full form of NAT is Network Address Translation. When you use NAT Type 2 on your PS4, the PS4 is behind a router. The router which you’re using, it’ll forwarding incoming packets from the PlayStation on predefined ports to your PlayStation. Your PS4 console is able to receive incoming packets from the internet including connection requests from other players.

When you’re using NAT TYPE 2 on your PS4 console you’re eligible to host a multi-player lobby and you should no limits on chat and video. NAT Type 2 is very popular than NAT Type 1 and NAT Type 3. It’s more features than other NAT Type.

NAT Type 2 has the main feature is you can host a multi-player game with a party chat. It allows you to do party chat when playing a game.

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How to Get NAT Type 2 on PS4?

You can get NAT Type 2 on PS4 easily but if you never use PS4 console before and don’t know about NAT you must read this article fully, otherwise if you’ll mistake one step you can’t get NAT Type 2 on your PS4 console.

To Get NAT Type 2 Follow the Below Steps:

  • You need to forward the Sony Network ports in your router to your PlayStation 4 Console or
  • Setup a DMZ in your router pointing at your PlayStation or
  • Enable UPnP from your router. If you want to enable UPnP, your router must have the UPnP feature.

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Yes, of course, NAT Type 2 is  very good for PS4. It has more features than other NATs.

In my experience NAT Type 2 is better than NAT Type 1. NAT Type 1 is open NAT Type and it is less secure than NAT Type 2.

Open NAT Type is not safe.

NAT Type 1 is good for playing a game but it's not good for security reasons.

You can check NAT Type yourself using the PS4 settings.

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