How to Install PS4 Firmware? Best Method

This post is focused on How to Install PS4 Firmware? When Sony releases the new version of firmware in the market, most of the users get eager to install the new update. The new update brings new features that reduce the bugs, errors and many other issues in the PS4 system. There are many recent versions with free of bugs and errors available to run the firmware you need to install it first.

The latest version of firmware brings a lot of features such as new gaming mode, new lobby and makes games smoother than lag-free. The new update brings a more strong network connectivity system by improving the older features. It has also added more remote control features with more compitable to another device. The system firmware also improves the performance of the console.

Requirements for Installing PS4 Firmware:

There are many ways to install the firmware in Play Station 4. Each method requires separate things to perform the update. Before beginning with the methods we would like to mention some requirements. Make sure you have the following things to perform the system update.

  • USB: You need the USB to update PS4 firmware. The USB should be free of space and the minimum requirement of memory size is more than 8GB.
  • Fast internet connection: Fast internet connection is required to download the firmware of the console. Make sure you have broadband fiber connection which gives speed between 1MBPS to 5 MBPS bandwidth.
  • PC: Yes the computer requires to install the firmware from the manual method of installing firmware from Pc. The minimum pc requirement for the procedure is intel i3 core.
  • DUALSHOCK: Dual Shock controller helps to control the system options, it helps to select and okay and canceling the process. It helps to control the entire mode.

Methods of Installing PS4 Firmware:

Methods of Installing PS4 Firmware
Methods of Installing PS4 Firmware

There are many methods to install the system software of the PlayStation console. All the methods and instructions are 100% legit and also help you to install the firmware without any problem or errors. Before getting started to make sure you have all the required things that are mentioned earlier.

How do I manually reinstall the PS4 System Software using Safe Mode?[Using PC]

Reinstallation Requirements:

  • Download PS4 System Software update
  • Using a PC or Mac, create a folder on the FAT32 USB named “PS4”. Inside that folder, create another folder named “UPDATE”.
  • Visit the system software page and select the ‘Reinstall system software’ section. Download the installation file and save it in the “UPDATE” folder. Save the file as “PS4UPDATE.PUP”.
  • Ensure that the “PS4” folder is at the root of the USB storage device, and not contained in another folder:
  • USB (D:) > PS4 > UPDATE.
  • connect a DS4 controller (using a USB cable) and the USB drive to the PS4 system.
  • Start the PS4 system in Safe Mode: press and hold the power button, releasing after the second beep.
  • Select Safe Mode option 7 “Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software)”.
  • Select [Update from USB Storage Device] > [OK].

Once the System software is installed successfully, restart the console.

How to Install PS4 Firmware Automatically in Rest Mode?

How to Install PS4 Firmware Automatically in Rest Mode
How to Install PS4 Firmware Automatically in Rest Mode

The most amazing feature of play station console is that it automatically downloads the system and other game updates. This automatically downloading update is enabled by default when the play station console is in rest mode. This is the most amazing, faster and easy method to download and install the recent version of Play station 4 because it automatically downloads the system and reduces time of file zipping and making external device bootable.

To check if this setting is enabled, go to [Settings] > [Power Save Settings] > [Set Functions Available in Rest Mode], and make sure there is a checkmark next to the following settings:

  • Stay Connected to the Internet.
  • Enable Turning On PS4™ from Network.
  • With these settings enabled, all you have to do is leave your PS4™ in rest mode when you are not using it, and the update will download as soon as it is available.
  • To enter rest mode, press and hold the PlayStation button while the system is on, then select [Enter Rest Mode], and press the X button.
  • Your system should now be installed to the latest software version and you may continue to enjoy the full range of PS4™ products and services.

FAQs on How to Install PS4 Firmware?

1. How do you install software on ps4?

Connect a USB flash drive to a computer with enough to hold the PS4 OS file > Download the software from the PlayStation website – PS4 Website > Scroll to ‘Perform a New Installation of the System Software’
Click ‘Download Now’ > Create a folder on the USB drive call PS4 – Must be all caps.

2. What OS does ps4 use?

System. The native operating system of the PlayStation 4 is Orbis OSwhich is a fork of FreeBSD version 9.0 which was released on 12 January 2012.

3. What is the latest firmware for ps4?

Current PlayStation®4 System Software Release 7.02. An update to the PlayStation®4 system software was released on December 19, 2019. Use this update to install system software version 7.02. Always update your PS4™ system to the latest version of the system software

4. How do I download ps4 software to a USB?

You must download the PS4 software from its official site or Click Here.

5. How do I install a PS4 update from USB?

Connect the USB storage device that the update file is saved on to your PS4™ system, and then touch the power button for at least 7 seconds. Select [Update System Software]. Then select [Update from USB Storage Device].

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